Make in India” is all set to change the fact of Indian infrastructure and the construction machines are at the very foundation of this development. Here are top criteria to consider when selecting construction equipment. “

1. Technology: India is a developing nation and while technology is developing at a pace never seen before, the latest tech might not be the best thing for it right now. The focus should be on machines that are appropriate for the job at hand, the environment and terrain it needs to work in and the people operating the machine. Technical literacy amongst operators is a rather difficult thing to come by in operators these days. As a matter of fact, most operators find these advanced machines to be more of a hassle. The make of the important parts like engine, hydraulics and the transmission etc. play a vital role in the service premium of the machine and its resale value. So look for a machine where technology is appropriate.

2. Fuel Efficiency: Fuel usually consists up to 60% of the costs involved and so fuel efficiency should be given prime importance. Experts recommend that fuel consumption be measured and considered based on cost per unit of output instead of measuring it by the hour. Double and triple check how efficient the machine in question is before buying or renting it.

3. Reliability and ruggedness: India is a country of extreme climatic conditions with the south being hot and humid, north cold, west scorching hot and dry while the east is notably humid. The machines should be suited to be able to handle the vast differences of the terrain and climate that the various job sites in India have. Machines have to reliable and asking for more than 95% uptime is not stretching it given the kind of technology available today. An unreliable machine will have both direct and collateral cost damages. Say if a asphalt compact was to break down, it would leave a truck full of hot bitumen stranded, adding to the cost of the project. So reliable rugged machines should be preferred.

4. After Sales support: This is one of the big ones. Expertise in matter of heavy construction equipment is a difficult thing to find. So when choosing a machine ensure that the replacement parts are easily available and appropriately priced. Additionally ensure that adequate after sales support is available at short notices since machine down time is usually not welcome. Ensure that there is adequate appropriate support available before zeroing in onto machine.

5. Price: Ensure that the machine is appropriately priced for what it has to offer. Considering a 10% per year depreciation value, a machine should last for atlas 10 years, pay for itself and earn profits if one has to buy a machine. Most Indian buyers ask cheaper products and expect them to last at least 2-4 project cycles. When it comes to machines various costs come into play. The yearly depreciation of the machine’s value, fuel costs, insurance, storage, maintenance, logistic costs, operator costs and spare parts cost to name a few. Take these things into consideration when wanting to select the construction equipment.