It is practically unimaginable for any construction company, contractor, or for that matter anyone in the business of infrastructure and construction, to operate their business without a backhoe loader. Backhoe loaders are the most heavily relied upon heavy earthmoving equipment, owing to their multitasking ability and therefore the significant advantages they deliver.

While backhoe loader is a type of loader machine, it is not the only one. Within the earthmoving equipment category of loaders, there are other types of loader machines as well; such as track loaders, skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and wheel loaders.

Much has been said and written about the popular backhoe loader, but in this article we will also talk about another loader machine – the wheel loader, and see how the two stack up. This will help you make a more informed choice for your business needs. After all, selecting the right earthmoving equipment to meet your project requirement will have an impact on your business productivity, cost efficiency and overall profits.

Design Appearance

Backhoe loader can be distinguished at first sight by the attachments at both ends; a loading bucket in front and the hoe attachment at the back. The backhoe comprises three sections i.e. the boom, stick and bucket.

Wheel loaders on the other hand, only have the loading bucket attachment at the front end.


The rugged backhoe loader is hands down the most versatile loader machine. It can handle a variety of construction tasks with ease. The hoe attachment with teeth can dig and breakup compact earth and hard material, while the bucket is capable of lifting, pushing and transporting large quantity of loose material from one place to another. Therefore, backhoe loaders are excellent for a whole host of tasks from digging trenches, laying building foundations, pipes and drainage systems, to picking up and moving rubble and more.

A wheel loader on the other hand, is ideal for moving material and can quickly clear a construction site.

So, if you are looking for a single earthmoving equipment that is powerful, rugged and dependable, versatile enough to handle a variety of jobs and easily manoeuvrable to reach difficult terrain; the backhoe loader is your go-to machine.

Various makes and models of backhoe loaders are available in the market. You could opt for our Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader that is available in three models to suit your business requirements:

Mahindra EarthMaster is a tech-advanced, feature-packed backhoe loader designed specifically for Indian conditions. Powered by Mahindra’s proven CRDi engine, it delivers class-leading fuel efficiency with uncompromised robust performance.

Mahindra EarthMaster comes in-built with Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology that makes real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking possible, putting total control of the vehicle in your hands. Feature such as fuel consumption monitoring, fuel level analysis, location tracking, geo fencing, vehicle diagnostic reports and more, allow for timely service intervention, improving productivity and boosting your business performance.