Topping the list of construction equipment is the backhoe loader which is actually three pieces of construction equipment i.e., tractor, loader and backhoe combined into one unit. All the three pieces of equipment are suited to do various sorts of work.

The backhoe tractor is designed to move easily over the rough terrain. While the loader is attached in the front and is designed to do several tasks like picking and carrying large amounts of loose materials from one place to the other and pushing dirt, backhoe is attached at the back and is used to dig up hard and compact material, usually earth or to lift heavy loads. The backhoe has three segments i.e., boom, stick and bucket.

Primary benefits of backhoe loaders

The tractor is used for moving the other two components from place to place. As for the loader and backhoe, when you dig up a lot of dirt to make a hole, you generally require a loader to either move the dirt out of the area or to fill it back when the work is done. Thus, the most common application of a backhoe loader is digging a trench with the backhoe and then filling it back with the loader.

Apart from performing the above mentioned basic tasks, backhoe loaders have other benefits as well. In fact, backhoe loader is one of the most useful multi-purpose machinery and is known for its versatility on any construction site. While the most common uses of backhoe loaders are digging ditches, laying pipes, planting underground cables or laying the foundation for buildings and drainage systems, with few additional attachments, they can do much more.

Other benefits of backhoe loaders

If an augur is attached to the backhoe, it can be used to drill holes for planting trees, signs and fencing projects in a variety of soil types. By joining a bucket for cleaning the ditch on the rear, grading and slope-cutting can be easily done with the backhoe loader. Asphalt cutter can be attached to the backhoe to repair roads, gas and sewer lines.

Apart from the above, various others attachments are also available which can be easily attached to the backhoe loaders to perform some of the most difficult tasks at the job site such as grabbing objects, dozing or levelling the ground. Thus, backhoe loaders can be put to various uses.

Cost of backhoe loaders in India

Keeping in mind the extensive usage and demand, one may think that the cost of backhoe loaders in India would be way beyond their capacity. However, the truth is different. There are many companies in India offering backhoe loaders at competitive and affordable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Employ a backhoe loader at your construction site and reap the benefits of this magic machine.