Riding the wave of major advancements taking place in the construction equipment industry world over and in India, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are putting serious muscle into upping their service game. The market for construction vehicles is poised to not only grow exponentially in the near future; it is also evolving at a rapid pace to become increasingly sophisticated in its products and solutions offering.

Customers i.e. the construction companies and contractors are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding in their expectations. Construction equipment manufacturers have therefore woken up to the fact that in such a laser edge competitive environment, providing an elevated customer experience is far from being a “good to have” – it is critical for business success.

At Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE), we have always maintained that our service package is an integral part of our total product offering, by way of fulfilling our aim of providing robust and high performance construction vehicles that enhance both productivity and profits. This holistic view is in complete synch with our customers’ business requirement and expectations – which is why, as a leading construction vehicles OEM, we provide innovative and segment-defining service advantages to complement our latest range of construction machines.

OEMs such as Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE) are introducing newer, innovative technologies to offer technically advanced, more efficient machines at a lower cost to our rental customers. This eventually contributes in the overall expansion of the construction equipment rental market.

For customers of our flagship Mahindra EarthMaster BSIV backhoe loader, we offer an unbeatable double service benefit:

Performance Guarantee:

The Mahindra EarthMaster SX IV 74 HP backhoe loader comes with a performance guarantee of the highest productivity per litre of diesel, or else the customer can return the machine – a one-of-a-kind in India.

Uptime Guarantee:

In the event of machine stoppage, we guarantee that the customer will get their machine back in action within 48 hours, or else we will compensate them with Rs.1000 per day after the completion of 48 hours.

Another important and growing area, in which we are strengthening our presence and service offering, is construction equipment on rent. If you look at how the construction equipment rental market is moving today, rental sales account for nearly 70% of the total construction equipment sold in the country. And Mahindra Construction Equipment is committed to offering technologically advanced and highly efficient machines at a lower cost plus great service package, to our rental customers.

Here is a snapshot of MCE’s construction equipment on rent service offering, highlighting the multiple ways in which customers stand to benefit when they choose to rent construction vehicles from us:

  • Robust and maintained equipment
  • Cater to an entire arena of infrastructure world
  • Trained, competent and experienced manpower resources with equipment
  • Onsite repair and maintenance to reduce downtime and production time loss
  • Advice on equipment suitability based on application
  • Training for operator level personnel across various industries
  • Bid support to various construction companies/ contractors for tendering purposes

In addition to these two major areas; of unique guarantees and the construction equipment rental service package, we plan to further build on our service proposition, so as to maximise the business value we render to our customers.