Buying a motor graders for your construction site is not an easy task as it is a very costly heavy equipment and involves huge initial investment. Hence, today, the trend of buying second-hand motor graders which are less costly as compared to the new ones but perform all the tasks efficiently is catching up. Here, it is to be noted that not all the second-hand motors graders are similar and they differ on various parameters. The second-hand motor graders may simple be described as used, refurbished and rebuilt. Each of the three categories of second-hand motor graders differ from the other significantly on the parameters such as quality, reliability, performance and risk it poses for the buyers.

Below is the explanation of the three categories of second-hand motor graders and what things to be considered while buying any of them...

Used motor graders

A motor grader which is previously owned by any owner and used over the period of time is called as a used motor grader. Generally, buying a used motor grader means that the equipment is bought as it is and there are no checks or modifications performed on it prior to the buying process. Also, such graders come with no form of warranty. This means that if anything happens to the equipment (like complete breakdown or failure of some parts due to wear and tear) even just after the purchase, then it becomes the responsibility of the new owner to get it repaired and bear the loss.

While most of the times, buying a used motor graders is risky, the risk fact can be mitigated to some extent by checking the complete maintenance record of the equipment before making the decision to buy it. The maintenance record will clearly show how the equipment has been treated in the past and also, it will even have details about the operating hours and if it shows low operating hours, then it means that the equipment is less likely to break down or will not require some major repairs very soon.

Advantages of buying used motor graders

1. You can buy such equipment without any delay.

2. Such motor graders are priced less as compared to refurbished or rebuilt motor graders.

Disadvantages of buying used motor graders

1. Buying used motor grader can be risky as the equipment may fail just after the purchase and most of the times, there is no warranty involved.

2. Used motor graders generally have a short lifespan and may show signs of wear and tear very soon.

Refurbished motor graders

Second-hand motor graders which are possibly freshly painted and on which quick fix solutions are implemented are called as refurbished or repaired motor graders. Generally, in case of refurbished motor graders, the visibly damaged and worn out parts and components are replaced or repaired and obvious problems are addressed. Such repairs extend the lifespan of the relevant components but they don’t have a considerable impact on the life of the equipment. The parts that are replaced come with a warranty but that is not the case with the equipment as a whole. Since, quick fix solutions are only implemented, deep underlying problems within the equipment are not detected and repaired and this can cause trouble for the buyer anytime after the purchase of the equipment.

Advantages of buying refurbished motor graders

1. It is much safer to buy a refurbished motor grader than the used one which is sold as it is.

2. It is generally cheaper or more economical to buy such equipment as compared to the new one.

Disadvantages of buying refurbished motor graders

1. Refurbishing is not a permanent solution to the problems and the same problem can arise soon or motor grader may malfunction or break down again. Even if there is warranty of the new part, problems can arise.

2. Refurbishing does not increase machine’s lifespan.

3. No warranty or after-sales service is provided on the overall equipment.

4. Major problems with the equipment may remain hidden.

Rebuilt motor graders

Also referred to as re-engineered or reconditioned motor graders, rebuilt motor graders do not involve just fixing what is broken but the equipment is completely disassembled, tested and then rebuilt from the scratch. For rebuilding the motor grader, a systematic approach is taken wherein a controlled environment, a skilled technician restores the equipment as ‘New’. In the equipment rebuilding process:

1. The equipment is thoroughly evaluated, every part is tested and visual inspection is done to identify and analyse the problem.

2. The various machines parts are dissembled and all the components are replaced with new ones.

3. The parts are inspected and reconditioned to the required standards, hydraulic system is overhauled to deliver original levels of performance and new software and engineering upgrades are also incorporated into the equipment. Thus, the equipment is given a complete overhaul.

4. The equipment is reassembled and repainted.

5. Quality control functions are performed. Safety and functional tests are performed and the equipment is fine-tuned based on the results.

Advantages of buying rebuilt motor graders

1. Rebuilt motor graders ensure that they look, perform and last like brand new motor graders, however, they come at a fraction of a price.

2. They deliver better performance and are highly reliable.

3. Their lifespan is equal to the lifespan of a brand new motor grader.

4. Rebuilt motor graders come with warranty and after-sales support and thus involve very low risk for the buyer.

Disadvantages of buying rebuilt motor graders

1. It may not be possible to upgrade all the technology in an old motor grader.

2. You may have to wait till the machine is rebuilt and this may lead to project delays and losses.

So, which one you should buy?

Well, all three options have their pros and cons. In order to decide, you need to look at your requirement and then consider factors like the age of the equipment, the way it was used and the present overall condition of the equipment. Typically, it makes more sense to buy rebuilt motor graders as they can deliver better performance and are highly reliable. However, the choice is completely yours depending on your need and time and money in hand.