A backhoe loader in itself is a very versatile machine and a preferred favourite of industry experts across the globe. The versatility of this engineering marvel can in part have the credit being given to the various attachments that the backhoe works with. The attachments raise the machine’s versatility to an all new high, making it an almost all in one machine. Lets take a look at the various attachments from the house of Mahindra that will make you change the way you look at a backhoe loader and use it on your job sites.

Auger: An auger is Basically a drilling attachment for the backhoe loader. These can either be hydraulic or mechanical. However the hydraulic ones are better preferred across the industry. The auger has applications across construction, real estate, farming and agriculture and border road applications.

Dozer Blade: A dozer blade quintessentially lets you use a bull dozer without actually having to buy one. It can be used at mines and quarries in addition to being used for backfilling of foundations and trenches, land development exercises like land scrapping, levelling, dozing etc in addition to cleaning debris, clearing road blockages etc. It can help reduce the number of equipment used at a site and increase the life of tyres.

Fork Lift: A fork lift attachment for the Backhoe loader can easily add to its versatility by removing the actual forklifts out of the equation at job sites. The attachment lets the loader be used for stacking of palletised loads at industries and ports in addition to being used for moving cans and materials at a construction site.

Rock Breakers: These are by definition used to break rocks, but the attachment is versatile enough to cut roads, help with pipelines, footings, demolition and trenching etc. The Mahindra Augers are well adapted to tropical climates there by increasing life if the rock breakers. The breakers are easy to charge, maintain and store.

Jib Cranes: These are material handling equipment used at various job sites across industries. The jib crane attachment is best suited for handling goods that are of non-standard size and shape. It comes with a self levelling loader linkage mechanism to help keep the material in a horizontal position. The mountings are interchangeable with the standard loader buckets making it easier to mount on a loader

Standard Loader Bucket: The standard loader bucket is usually one of the default attachments with a backhoe loader. The bucket lets the backhoe be used for loading and unloading at quarries, waste management by municipalities and land scrapping in addition to the other applications.

Loader Coal Bucket: This type of bucket is created especially for quarry and coal mine applications. The bucket is best suited to handling light density material like coal. It consists of a combination of straight edge and told board shape allow the bucket to fill to its maximum capacity. Like its counterparts, the coal bucket too has easily replaceable wear parts that increase durability and working life of the bucket.

Six in one bucket: This is the most versatile of the bucket lot. This is a single bucket that performs digging, loading, dozing, grading, backfilling and grabbing tasks across industries like road construction, real estate, agriculture and various industries. The bucket is the perfect versatile partner for a versatile machine.

Square hole bucket: Named so due to the peculiarly squared shape of the bucket, it is used for tasks that require straight vertical walls and flat bottom like at a grave yard. The bucket has a cutting edge mating profile fit meant for side cutters for the bucket to easily handle heavy duty applications.

Ripper Tooth: The name comes from the shape and use of the bucket’s teeth used for ripping tasks. The ripper tooth bucket is used at road construction sites to break up hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt etc. Similarly it is used to loosen compacted earth and uproot trees.

V shaped- tapered ditch bucket: This is a variant of the regular ditch bucket and is called so due to its v type shape. Used to make ditches like the name suggests and for dredging applications like small waterbody management. In agriculture it is used to create irrigation water paths while municipalities use it for making muddy drains and clearing sewage.

The Mahindra Earth Master range of backhoe loaders are compatible with all the above listed attachments and more, making it a many in one machine. The various attachments help the Earth Masters do various jobs of a bull dozer, crane, auger, fork lifts etc single handedly at a much lesser cost. Simply put the various attachments help make the versatile Earth master even more versatile than it already is. It is safe to assume that on a small to medium sized job site, the Mahindra backhoe loader can single handedly manage an assortment of tasks that would generally require one to hire or buy at least 4-6 machines if not more at various points of time. The attachments help make the Earth master with attachments a must have for any job site.