Why greener is the need of the hour: 2016 is coming to an end and has already seen some massive new changes in the technology used in construction machines. The machines have grown more sophisticated and the users are also catching up. However given the global climatic changes, the front runners across industries have taken it upon themselves to make their industry more eco friendly, reduce carbon emission, use eco friendly materials and processes and appropriate recycling and disposal of end products. There is no doubt about the fact that the construction equipment do form a major chunk of the carbon emission at and around a job site. Going green is increasingly becoming a necessity as compared to the option is was a few decades back.

How intelligent softwares can help

Most construction equipment run at full power even in their idle time causing wastage of fuel and energy in addition to increasing the carbon emissions which are known to have catastrophic effects on the environment in the long run. Such machines running on full power have a direct impact on the local air quality. Intelligent technology installed in these hybrid machines can be instrumental in either completely shutting down the machine or bringing it down to a lower power setting to save on fuel, energy and carbon emissions.

Another major area of working construction equipment that takes up a lot of fuel and power is shifting between lower and higher power settings. The new age machines need to be able too shift between settings in a way that the machine consumes minimal possible fuel without sacrificing on the power and working performance. Big data and its analysis can help develop such algorithms and machines that reduce power and fuel consumption without compromising on the end results.

Big data and expertise combined together can lead to creation of intelligence based decision making tools that once installed in machines can make them much more eco friendly. Data from the machine, GPS data and expertise from the industry can help develop smarter machines that can get the job done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

GPS technology developed to survey the job site,provide telematics and the steps to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Once trained to use the machines, the operators find that the work gets done much faster and easier leading to minimal down time and consecutively larger profit margins combined with jobs being completed in a more environment friendly way due to lower fuel consumption and efficient use of energy.

Intelligent machines are the way to go. Right from manufacturing to the final end result intelligent decision making tools are the first step to going green across the industry. Various upcoming and established companies are heavily invested in development of intelligent software tools for construction machinery to go greener and reduce their carbon foot print. Such speedy developments in the industry are bound to pave the way for a much greener and cleaner construction equipment industry in the near and long term future.