There is no doubt that the backhoe loader is the most loved and preferred construction equipment on job sites across the globe. What makes it so popular is its small size, versatility and the power it packs in a rather compact machine. When looking to get the most of out your backhoe loader, here are some interesting things to keep in mind.

  • A 4 wheel drive backhoe loader like the Mahindra 4WD can be used to plough landscapes as and when required during the monsoon season in difficult terrains across the country.
  • The extended reach provides the user with 4-5 feet additional reach. It increases the scope of what work can be done with a loader. The extendable dipper helps save time that would usually be used to set up and reset the machine. While the extended dipper comes at a cost, it is well worth the money being shelled out since it saves a lot of time and get work done much faster.
  • While there are specialised machines available for various jobs, none combines the power, reach and speed like the backhoe loader making it a requisite for most job sites.
  • The joystick controls available in most backhoe loader these days make movements more precise, smoother and faster. Whether you are using the backhoe to dig, lift heavy weights or place the weight imprecise locations, the joysticks accomplish work much easier, faster and precisely compared to the old controls.
  • Backhoes are more often than not used for digging, trenching, breaking rock, breaking cement and asphalt, backfilling, compaction etc. The hydraulics of the backhoe loader provide it with the power and precision required for both heavy duty tasks and the intricate ones like digging around utility lines and placing pipes in dug trenches. Be it construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building material, powering building equipment, digging holes/ excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, or ping roads, the backhoe loader is up for the task.
  • Backhoe loaders are pretty much the definition of durability and are created to withstand a lot of use, climatic wear and tear in addition to a slight degree to abuse at human hands. The available options of using various kinds of attachments makes the backhoe an all in one machine suitable for all sorts of jobs.
  • Hydraulics of the backhoe are created for power despite its small size. In the hands of a skilled operator the backhoe can easily and quite comfortable so be used for jobs well beyond its specified scope of work.
  • Powered attachments like the breaker, auger, stump grinder can be used instead of the bucket to increase the machine’s utilisation on the job site. Some loader buckets come with retractable clam shells which make emptying loads easier and faster.

Getting to know, using the available features of the machine and getting a little creative is the simplest and the best way to make the best use of your construction machinery in a project.