Being a self-sufficient machine for almost all types of the construction jobs by itself. A backhoe loader is a proven diverse machine. It is the basic requirement of any construction site. Any construction project be it big or small cannot be think without a backhoe loader. This diversity of backhoe loaders can be multi folded with the addition of specific attachments for specific construction jobs. These attachments enhance the machine utility to even greater extent. The beauty of these attachments is the flexibility of attaching and detaching them as per the job requirements. We will explore some of the attachments which can enhance the utility of your Mahindra EarthMaster and can give you more out of your machine.

Rock Breakers: One of the major and widely used attachment in construction machinery are rock breakers. By the word itself we can understand that these are used to break rocks. The attachment is majorly used in stone quarry and mining application. They can also be used for demolishing purpose, breaking roads for pipelines, breaking hard surface for mugging top strata of land. The breakers are easy to install and remove. And the machine can work half time with backhoe bucket and half time with breaker. Thereby with an expert operator you can get the outcome of two machines from one Mahindra backhoe loader having breaker and backhoe bucket changed as per requirement. With breakers it is advisable to reduce the hydraulic service interval as per the usage of rock breakers with any construction machinery.

Auger: It is an attachment which resembles a drill but is bigger in size and is operated by hydraulics. The role of auger is to drill a hole in construction sites mainly for pillars, base of a building, to check the material below where the construction is taking place. These can be mechanical also which are used manually. They are used in almost all construction projects, real estate agriculture, roads, railways, electricity department etc.

Dozer Blade: it is a specific attachment built for dozing of loose materials. This dozer blade attachment is not so famous as the loader bucket can also perform the task of dozing. But in specific applications where the material is loose and abrasive companies design dozer blades which can be put in place of loader bucket and then your backhoe loader can be used as a dozing equipment. We need to take care that backhoes are generally not meant for dozing.

They are meant to lift the things and then move around. Hence the attachment cannot replace the use of bulldozer where the material to be dozed is very heavy. A dozer blade can be used in levelling, back filling of excavated area, ash handling, agriculture, land development, ice removal in colder regions, etc.

Forklift: Typically, a forklift is a combination of electrical and hydraulic mechanism. The idea of forklift is to lift things to be placed on higher levels. Forklifts are mainly used in assembly lines, factories, big malls, godowns, storage area etc. But when the material you are handling becomes heavy and big you need a bigger forklift.

Or simply you can put a forklift attachment in place of loader bucket in your Mahindra backhoe loader. In bigger construction sites this attachment is very versatile in handling bigger machinery parts. With a stage it can also perform as a platform for service personals to conduct repairs at heights.

Jib Cranes: Jib crane is a local substitute of bigger crane. It is used to lift not very heavy loads but loads which cannot be lifted by humans and require machines to lift.

They are substitute for random crane works at sites where cranes are not that frequently used. Hence the project cost is saved by not purchasing an extra equipment for lifting job which comes sometimes and random. Where there is requirement of full time lifting a separate crane must be purchased. The attachment can be mounted in place of loader bucket.

Ripper Tooth: As the name suggest it is an attachment which is used to rip the hard surface area. Majorly used in the road application to remove the old road surface when it is to be replaced with new roads. The ripper tooth is specifically manufactured with harder material and is less prone to abrasion. It is an extremely specific tool and is used in some specific construction sites only.

Six in one bucket: it is a form of loader bucket mainly used where the application requires many operations in the same job sites.

It can perform digging, loading, dozing, grading, backfilling and grabbing six such jobs which a normal bucket cannot do. Hence the name evolved as 6 in 1 bucket. Can be used in all applications and industry likes road, real estate, quarry, mines, agriculture, factories, etc. this type of bucket is very famous in government organisations like municipal corporations and PWD.

Sugar Cane grabber: this bucket is specifically designed for handling sugarcane in sugarcane industry. By study it was found that Backhoes are expensively used in sugarcane industry for handling sugarcane and other disposable material. The bucket is designed like a big fork which can grab sugarcanes like noodles and can manage them effectively. This sugarcane grabber attachment has a specific market and can be easily installed in Mahindra EarthMaster.

Ditch cleaning bucket: This ditch cleaning bucket is majorly used to clean the canal, ponds, city drainage or any waterlogged lanes. The bucket is slightly broader and has sieves on the bottom surface which allows water to pass through and selects the mug to be removed. It is very much preferred in irrigation department and local municipal corporations. Also, can be used in flood affected areas.

Pole Erector: A special pole erector attachment designed for PWD, electrical department to make their work easy. The contractor having this attachment will finish the layout of electricity supply through poles in no time. This attachment is unique and application specific.


These attachments when bought separately with the standard machine can makes one’s business ready for all type of construction projects. Mahindra EarthMaster when combined with all these attachment makes it almost impossible to not able to do any construction jobs. The attachment when included in the machine makes it a complete package to any project. It also substitutes some of the machinery which do not have main line jobs in project sites like cranes, augers, forklift and saves a lot of cost involved in the project. When wisely selected these attachment helps in making construction project more profitable.