One of the three components of the backhoe loader is the backhoe which is attached at the back of the equipment. This backhoe uses hydraulic cylinders for performing various tasks like lifting, digging, moving earth, digging ditches among others.

Occasionally, these hydraulic cylinders need to be repaired because of leaking seals around the piston rod. Every time, rushing to the repair shop may cost a lot of money and long waiting hours.

To solve this problem, we help you rebuild and repair the backhoe hydraulic cylinders without taking any professional help. Even if you are not experienced in this field, below mentioned tips and tricks can guide you through the steps needed to repair the backhoe hydraulic cylinder.

How to repair backhoe hydraulic cylinder?

1. Remove the yoke from the stabilising jack stand and take it out by pulling the retaining pins. Keep it on the ground and place a board or some non-metal object beneath the cylinder to keep it steady and away from any dirt getting on to the parts.

2. Remove the gland in the hydraulic cylinder by loosening the hydraulic lines to allow release of the fluid pressure and prevent a vacuum which can make removal of the piston more difficult.

3. Unscrew the gland and remove the piston rod from the cylinder.

4. Use a sturdy surface to attach the piston rod and yoke in order to unscrew the retaining bolt from the piston rod. Use original yoke connection if possible.

5. In order to keep the retaining bolt from vibrating loose, a thread locking substance should be used.

6. Heating of the end of the retaining bolt may be necessary, before you can get it to break free from the threads.

7. After the removal of the retaining bolt, the piston and gland could be separated from the piston rod easily.

8. These pieces should then be placed on a clean surface at a comfortable working height and seals from the hydraulic cylinder rebuild kit should be checked to ensure that they are of correct size and dimensions.

9. For reassembling the piston to the rod using a thread locking adhesive when replacing the piston rod bolt, reverse the whole process. Oil all the parts well and if needed, use a piece of wood on the rod when tapping the piston back into the cylinder.

10. Screw the glands back into the cylinder. Replace the hydraulic lines and test for leaks around the new seal.

General tips

• Safety is an important factor while repairing the backhoe hydraulic cylinder. Hence, be careful and do not be in a hurry to do any task. Take time to study the backhoe hydraulic cylinder that needs to be repaired.

• Remember not to scratch the piston rod or any the parts of the assembly because it may lead to new seals wearing out quickly.

• By extending the hydraulic cylinder to its full length before removing the gland will save you the trouble of having to pull the piston rod very far to remove it.

• Keep the hydraulic cylinders straight through some support while removing the piston rod.

• Try to keep the piston rod from falling into the dirt or against other metal objects when it pulls out of the cylinder.

• Protect all the parts as otherwise you might have to spend a huge amount on procuring new parts.