PM Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” initiative has led to a lot of new players entering the construction sector. With this rise comes a fundamental demand for construction equipment, opening the flood gates to a whole new market for manufacturing, buying, selling, renting and servicing in the construction equipment manufacturing industry. While there are a lot of construction equipment in the market, a backhoe loader in particular is a favorite and a sizeable chunk of the construction equipment market.

A backhoe loader or backhoe as it is very fondly called by industry insiders is one of the most innovative inventions in the construction sector. What started off as a tractor with attachments has now taken on a life and standing of its own with both the industry insiders and outsiders alike to become the backhoe loader that we know it as today. Being the very backbone of the construction equipment industry, it has undergone many transformations over the years.

For those newly introduced and interested in the backhoe loader here are some pointers to help you get a gauge of what you are going to be spending your moolah on!

Specs Matter: When considering a backhoe loader, specs are what will give you the best insight about the strength, power and versatility of the equipment. It’s best to know your specs and compare them to the other available models so that you are not taken for a ride by the sales representatives. Ask questions like an insider to get the best possible deals for your moolah. The engine is the power house of the backhoe loader, make sure the engine capacity and power suits your requirements.

Hydraulic Tech: Hydraulics of the backhoe are what amplify the power of the engine to get all the tedious work done. When looking into a BHL do take note of its hydraulic capacity and the corresponding power of the engine. A high capacity hydraulic system with a weak engine is a waste of resources and the hydraulic power and vice versa. Pay extra attention to this particular system of the backhoe.

Structure Wise: The Backhoe loader is a construction equipment and needs structural strength and integrity to suit the work. Pay attention to the material used for the body of the backhoe and how much wear and tear it can withstand before crumbling to the pressure that it will most definitely be subjected to!

Control Cab: The cab is where the operator makes the magic happen. The operator needs to be comfortable in the cabin and with the controls to get the most out of the machine. The ease of control decides how much work the operator can get done in a set time period. Smooth controls are a requisite to get maximum work done in the minimum possible time and to utilize the power of the backhoe.

Boom Bucket: The boom is the component that decides the height and the dig depth a BHL can reach. The bucket decides the volume of material that can be handled and the stick helps maneuver the bucket in the required position.

Trial Round: Always make sure you try various backhoes before settling on the one you buy. Trying multiple backhoes will provide insight about how a good machine should function and feel. It is advisable to take your time trying various machines before shelling out huge amount of money.

Fundamental knowledge and experience go a long way to help you make the most of your backhoe loader.