Earth moving equipment are large, rugged build, high performance machines that can handle a wide range of repetitive, labour-intensive construction tasks with efficiency, speed and precision. Such heavy construction equipment is typically used at construction sites for earthwork such as excavating and removing rocks and gravel, laying the foundation for structural construction, soil grading, demolishing existing structures, mining and so on.

In this article we take a closer look at some of the common and extensively deployed types of earth moving equipment and their capabilities.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader is the most popular earth moving machine used in nearly every construction project. It resembles a tractor mounted on a set of large back wheels and smaller front wheels. Backhoe loader has a bucket attachment at the end of a long-bent arm at the rear end for digging, while at the front end is the shovel or loader attachment.

Due to their versatility and ability to manoeuvre easily into hard-to-access terrains, backhoe loaders are the most preferred heavy machinery for urban construction work such as backfill excavations, digging and filling up trenches, laying pipes and material handling.


Excavators are specifically designed to efficiently handle all types of digging jobs. An excavator features a rotating cabin which is either track mounted on sits on wheels. It is also fitted with a long extended bucket arm. The 3600 rotating cabin allows the operator to get complete visibility of the job site. Excavators typically perform tasks such as demolition, heavy material lifting, river dredging, digging trenches and foundations.


Bulldozers are powerful and massive earth moving equipment best used for crushing boulders on large construction sites. The flat wide blade at the front is hydraulically operated and can be height and angle adjusted for greater precision. Bulldozers are ideal for crushing rocks, moving large quantity of soil or debris, as well as for rough or fine soil grading work.

Dump Trucks

As the name suggests, dump trucks are construction equipment used for carrying and offloading truckloads of debris and material, to and from a construction site. Dump trucks are available in various load capacities and sizes to suit different project requirements.

Earth moving equipment are complex, expensive machines requiring careful and intelligent selection. With major advancements in construction equipment technology, consumers today are presented with a wide choice of sophisticated, technologically advanced machines, with several innovative features that help deliver superior performance. A case in point is the Mahindra EarthMaster.

Mahindra EarthMaster Earth Moving Equipment

The Mahindra EarthMaster range of backhoe loaders is built with state-of-the-art technology and designed especially for Indian conditions. Powered by Mahindra’s proven CEV-IV CRDI engine, Mahindra EarthMaster delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency combined with low maintenance, translating into greater profitability for our customers.

Moreover, it is equipped with the revolutionary Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology which provides real-time vehicle information for timely service intervention. This enables 24x7 monitoring of the vehicle’s vital parameters, thus putting complete control of your machine and your business at the convenience of your fingertips.