Nearly 70 per cent of Indians live in rural areas which clearly imply that there are many villages and small towns in the country as against the developed cities. This supports the fact that out of the total road network, nearly 70.23 per cent are the rural roads (as on March 2016). It is to be noted that these rural roads have the potential to change the face of the country completely.

Rural roads’ impact on India’s economy

Rural roads can offer huge economic benefits to the country. Being the lifeline of the rural population, these roads can help in poverty alleviation, enable transportation of men, material and goods, lead to diversification of agricultural activities and livelihood opportunities, boost rural as well as overall economic growth of the country and be a catalyst to Indias goal of maintaining a good GDP growth rate and improving the well-being of millions of underprivileged and rural citizens. All these factors have lead to increasing importance on maintenance and construction of rural roads.

Impact of increasing importance to rural roads on construction equipment sector

With the increasing need to maintain and construct rural roads, the demand for construction equipment especially motor graders is growing at a constant pace. Typically, motor grader is a equipment with a long blade that is used to create a flat surface during the grading process. Motor grader’s main function is to prepare the topmost layer for laying asphalt on top of it during road construction and maintenance.

Motor grader market scenario in India

Most of the motor graders in India are imported and generally developed by foreign manufacturers. These machines are very huge, bulky, expensive and remain mostly under-utilised as they cannot be employed for most of the India roads which are rural roads. Also, since they are very expensive, only large construction companies can buy them.

However, given the above fact, gradually, a number of indigenous motor grader manufacturers are rising in the country that make such motor graders that are best suited to the Indian rural roads’ maintenance and construction needs. Among all such names, Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE) with its flagship Mahindra RoadMaster G75 motor grader loaded with a plethora of features deserves a special mention.

Mahindra RoadMaster G75: Made in India for Indian roads

The Mahindra RoadMaster G75 is designed and manufactured in India and is totally suited for Indian roads especially the rural roads. RoadMaster G75 is manufactured at Mahindra’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Chakan, Pune. Nearly over 20,000 man-days of product development and 6,000 hours of extensive testing across the country in the most extreme working conditions, locations and applications have been spent on the equipment. Also, extensive one-year study of the road and road construction eco-system in India has been done and inputs have been taken from the customers, contractors, government officials and other entities involved in road construction while designing this disruptive machine, especially for Indian roads.

Typically, RoadMaster G75 is created to offer an affordable, un-compromised and mechanised grading solution for small and medium roads in India. It is an ideal grading machine for spreading, grading of earthwork in different types of roadwork across the nation.

RoadMaster G75: Revolutionising rural road maintenance and construction in India

1. More productive and cost-effective:

Generally, rural road construction in India is considered to be a very labour-intensive and time-consuming task combined with sub-optimal methods and unsuitable machinery. This leads to poor quality roads with a very short lifespan, resulting in added expenses for maintaining the road and re-doing them over and over again. Here, it is to be noted that the RoadMaster G75 can put an end to all these woes as it is 180 per cent faster and can single-handedly do the work of 30 labourers.

Earlier, for small roads, backhoe loaders or tractor graders were used for construction, grading and levelling, since conventional graders were considered to be too huge and expensive. However, they resulted in poor grading and levelling finish. But, this is not the case at all with RoadMaster G75 which provides a superior finish as compared to the finishing done by the backhoe loader and labourers and saves 50 per cent on the time required to get the job done (provided the material is available on site) and at least 40 per cent of the costs.

Further, when compared with the conventional motor graders, RoadMaster G75 is 50 per cent more productive and saves 35 per cent on the product cost and 40 per cent operating cost without compromising on the quality of work. This is because RoadMaster G75 is equipped with Mahindra DITEC engine which brings fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.5 litres per hour and results in more savings. Hence, the motor grader is highly fuel-efficient and leads to increased productivity and profitability for the owners. Offering lowest maintenance in class as with technology and design enhancements, RoadMaster G75 lowers lubricant refilling requirement with extended service intervals, thus, reducing the overall maintenance cost.

What more? RoadMaster G75 is equipped with 3000 mm mouldboard which is perfect for construction and maintenance of small and medium roads and comes with an option of having its size reduced by 400 mm. This option is particularly useful when working on small roads with moving and ongoing traffic. Depending on the requirement, the blade size can be reduced by 200 mm on both sides. The cutting edge of the blade is in four separate pieces for ease of handling and replacement and has a lasting life of about 600 hrs on standard operation cycle. It is convenient, affordable and any blade part can be easily replaced in case of damage. In addition, RoadMaster G75 comes with the option of having additional fitments i.e., the ripper and dozer for added versatility.

Further, RoadMaster G75 offers higher operator comfort i.e., it possesses ergonomic layout and seating with all the controls smooth and easy to reach and has spacious canopy, lockable storage and mobile charging. The equipment also boosts safety, efficiency and productivity at all times with advanced control joysticks. You can easily shift steer, adjust blade, articulate, control hydraulics and access automated grading systems without taking your hands off the controls.

Above all, RoadMaster G75 comes with GPRS-based remote monitoring system dogosense that keeps a track of your machine with the touch of a finger. Through this, be it business information like daily work reports, fuel level or warnings like low fuel, filter clogging and low engine oil, you can get constant updates on your equipment.

2. Affordable pricing:

RoadMaster G75 is highly affordable, so much so that even small and medium players can buy it. In fact, it is comfortably priced at almost one-third the cost of a conventional grader without compromising on quality and overall productivity.

In a nutshell

It goes without saying that rural roads definitely have the potential to change India’s economy. Hence, these days, more and more importance is given to rural roads, thereby, leading to growth of rural roads construction and maintenance in the country. This trend is highly impacting the motor grader industry as well where indigenous motor graders manufacturers like MCE with its RoadMaster G75 are changing the dynamics of the market by offering highly affordable and un-compromised and mechanised grading solution for small and medium roads in India.