There is no doubt about the fact that Backhoe Loaders (BHLs) are one of the most useful and versatile equipment in your fleet, however, they can become dangerous also, if not treated with due respect. Confused? Well, it simple means that precautions need to be exercised while operating the BHLs as otherwise they can cause major accidents at the site and prove costly in a variety of ways. That said, you can avoid any problems with your BHL by following simple safety tips during operation. Further, clearly knowing about things that you should not do with your BHL at the jobsite can also help. Here is a list of those things...

What you should not do with your BHL?

Backhoe Loader

1. Never start the Backhoe Loader in gear as if there is any person either behind or in front of the tractor wheels, he/she could be run over before they can get out of the way.

2. Turning uphill on a steep slope should be avoided as they can cause overturns.

3. Turning too fast on a downhill slope may also cause an overturn, so that should be avoided too.

4. It should be remembered that swinging a bucket of dirt downhill changes the centre of gravity in a negative direction.

5. If the bucket is raised very high when loaded especially on an uneven ground and in turns, then the loader may overturn. Here, it should be noted that you should not raise the bucket too high as otherwise it can make the BHL more unstable.

6. Take care to not hit anything such as a ditch, stump or hole while moving, as the operator can fall and this can even cause overturn.

7. Never lift heavy weight with the front loader without ensuring that adequate counter weight is used at the back, otherwise the equipment may tip off.

8. There may be a slight bounce if the tires carry the weight of the machine and this can also transmit vibration to the operator and into the controls. This can also cause the machine to shake even more. Hence, care should be taken.

9. If the stabilizers are down, then you should not use the Backhoe Loader at all.

10. The hoe of the BHL should not be used without the stabilizers being down enough to support the weight of the machine.

11. The speed of the BHL should never be kept high when working on rough or uneven terrain and when there are people around.

Thus, it is mandatory that the BHL operators think about every single move they make with the equipment.

What can you do with your BHL?

Now you might be wondering if you should not do the above things with the BHL, then what should you do with the equipment to get maximum efficiency and productivity. Well, here is a look at those things as well...

1. The Backhoe Loader should be made stable as much possible when lifting heavy objects. The equipment should be kept in level with the front and rear tires raised clear of the ground by around six inches. The stabilizers should be spread as far apart as possible without letting any tires touch the ground. Proper lifting equipment should be used and the lifting should be done at low idle for maximum control.

2. The equipment should be levelled as much as possible by using the independent stabilizers and your front bucket when you are in operating position.

3. If the BHL has to be operated on the side of a hill and the BHL can’t be brought to a level, then operators should try as much as possible to swing uphill with the loaded bucket and downhill with the empty bucket.

4. In case of trenching while facing uphill, the hoe should be put into its tucked position, then the seat should be turned to the forward facing ready-to-drive position before raising the stabilizers.

5. Precautions should be taken while transporting materials. You should try to carry materials in a level or racked-back position.

To sum up...

Well, if the above-mentioned precautions are kept in mind, then accidents with BHLs can be reduced drastically and BHLs can prove to be the best equipment at the jobsite. These small but important tips can help to increase the productivity as well as efficiency of the equipment to a very large extent. Here it should be noted that if the BHL is from Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE), then the operators can do much more with the equipment as MCE offers best-in-class equipment with best of safety features.