The construction industry is rising and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% by 2024. With new schemes, the SMART cities mission, the Gati Shakti Plan, and massive real estate and commercial projects all underway, construction equipment manufacturers are met with huge demands from consumers. The most common type of construction equipment that is in high demand now are the earth moving machines. These are the most easily noticeable because of their size.

Earth moving machines are used primarily for, you guessed it, moving earth material. They are also used for removing debris, laying down foundations, digging holes and trenches and grading rock and soil.

Here are some of the common earth moving machines:

  • Excavators: These machines have a long arm, an operating cab and a bucket attached to the arm. They are used for landscaping, demolition, mining, rough grading, digging trenches and holes, etc.
  • Bulldozers: These machines are quite common and easily identified. Their main purpose is to scoop and transport earth material. They can also be used for flattening and laying roadway foundations. Attached to the cab is a metal shovel that is large enough to move around huge quantities of material.
  • Backhoe loaders: Even though these machines are known to be medium sized in the construction equipment industry - they can be used for a wide range of purposes. They can be driven around from site to site easily. They are used for laying pipes, lifting and digging up material, excavating, digging, etc. It has a shovel and a bucket attached to it.
  • Trenchers: These are machines that are used to dig trenches, deep holes in order to carry out piping, cabling and for building drainage systems.
  • Dump trucks: These machines are very common as well. They are absolutely crucial for a construction site. Their main (and only) purpose is to move around large earth material/ debris/ etc to and from construction sites. They are also very convenient because they are road ready.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what earth moving machines are, lets take a look at the wide range of construction equipment that Mahindra has to offer. The designers at Mahindra work tirelessly, constantly adapting to the needs of the Indian market to manufacture equipment that is cutting edge, fits the requirements of the Indian consumer and Indian construction landscape, durable and sturdy.

  • The Earthmaster range boasts of 3 backhoe loaders, the EarthMaster VX, EarthMaster SX and EarthMaster 4WD, so you have options to choose from to fit your specific needs. They have all been subject to 20,000 hours of testing in the toughest applications and hardest terrains.
  • The Roadmaster G75 was carefully constructed after much research, and a realization that most imported motor graders do not cater to India’s harsh urban and rural terrain. The Roadmaster is designed, keeping India’s climate in mind to be sturdy and durable with its simple yet rugged look. Not only that, but it is also affordable.

Each range of Mahindra construction equipment comes with different types of products under them, giving you the option to choose exactly what you need.