We all tend to have this notion that working in the construction industry is dangerous and difficult; in fact a large part of why a job in the construction field is not everyone’s first choice is because of how these jobs are perceived. Let’s look at some reasons as to why you should consider a job in the construction sector and bust the myth that jobs in construction are dangerous or lowly.

  • Being in this industry means being involved in anything from planning, ideating, creating, maintaining, building, remodelling, restoring, renovating on any given project.
  • The industry is versatile. You can choose to be a painter, construction worker, glazier, electrician, plumber, civil engineer, construction manager, architect, safety manager, construction equipment operator, brick mason, construction inspector, etc.
  • With the rapid rise in the construction equipment and machinery business, construction equipment manufacturers in India are faced with high demands to create machines that are bolstered with cutting edge technology. There is a scope of working with people and/or machines which is an exciting prospect.
  • More and more construction equipment and machinery is getting smarter, sleeker with revolutionary technology like data transmissions over 4G and digital platforms with artificial intelligence for enhanced credibility and reliability. You can learn how to operate such machinery hands on.
  • You have the freedom to work on a contractual basis. Getting into a contractorship means you could be hired for your professional services and expertise for a stipulated period of time. This involves overseeing and managing the day to day needs of the project, and being in touch with, and curating workers who have the skills to carry out specialised tasks.
  • You could start out at the entry level with little experience as there are few barriers to entry, and a college degree is not a prerequisite for a lot of the jobs under the umbrella of the construction field.
  • Fields like civil engineering and architecture that require degrees are endlessly exciting and dynamic careers to consider. They involve designing, planning, problem solving and creative thinking. If you are passionate about sustainability in construction, getting into these fields could give you a platform to really make a difference in the world.
  • 20 years ago, women took up a very miniscule percentage of the workforce in the construction sector. In 2021, over 25% percent of the workforce now comprises women and we see more women thriving in this male dominated industry as time passes by and women are given equal and equitable opportunities to flourish. In about 1.46 million construction workers in India, 36 lakhs are women. While there is still a long way to go to accommodate and encourage women to apply for employment in this industry, there is a dialogue about how important it is to create positive and safe working environments for women in construction.

This conversation sheds light on how much the industry has grown in the recent years. It is the second largest industry in India after agriculture and its contributions to the overall GDP are vast. In a fast developing country like India, and construction itself being one of the fastest growing and developing sectors in the country, with business projection trends rising higher and higher, this is a promising field for anyone - whether you have 0 experience in the field or even decades of experience.