India is well on its way to becoming the test bed for setting up global standards in the ECE industry. Every major global player in the ECE industry has its presence in India. “If a machine does well in India, will sell well in the global markets” seems to have become a thumb rule amongst the OEMs. Having all the big players in the same testing bed is leading to tough competition as the consumers gets more and more demanding in both cost and quality. Survival in the Indian market depends on being able to provide the latest cutting edge technology at good prices.

India is slowly and surely emerging as the biggest market for building construction equipment’s across the world. Most global OEMs are already present in the Indian market. India now has a completely developed ecology for manufacturing. India has end to end solutions right from design to after sales services, spare part supply and everything in between.

Customers have evolved and are demanding automation for remote monitoring the machines, speeding up work cycle time and MRO analytics to ensure optimum equipment lifecycle management. GPS monitoring is demanded to ensure minimum downtime for the machine. Building construction equipment’s manufacturers are providing remote monitoring features for ease of access via GPS and better handling the machine. The machines come with smart controls to make operating them easier and more comfortable for the operators.

Owners are opting for total cost of ownership meaning they are willing to pay the price for good quality products and aftermarket services. The bottom line is customers asking for easy maintenance and minimum downtown to keep their projects on track and speed them up. Most OEMs are providing distinguished service and machines to stay ahead of the competition.

Technology driven smart machines are now becoming the standard in the Indian markets. Features like remove device access, more efficient engines, cabin air conditioning, and automatic controls for better maneuvering etc are gaining popularity with consumers. IoT is taking the lime light and the human interaction is being reduced as the focus shifts towards machine to machine communication and data dependency. Eco friendly is the new trend taking over the industry. Customers are demanding eco-friendly engines that consume lesser fuel and have low noise emissions and vibrations.

Global majors offer machines with cutting edge features like robust fuel saving engines, low noise low vibration, grade control systems to increase construction efficiency, real time feedback to improve job quality and auto pilot etc to name a few. This is just a glimpse of what is to come.

India is already setting global bench marks. It is noted that products doing well in India tend to do well in emerging international markets like Asia, Latin America and Africa due to similarities in cost/quality equation. The new generation of machines are likely to spawn in India establishing it as the technological leader and hub for manufacturing with its expertise in end to end solutions including research and development and after-market services.