Whether it is foundation groundwork being prepared for a large commercial centre or a residential complex in the middle of a bustling city, or a remote mining site outside the city limits, or even a new railway line to be laid, backhoe loader is the machine that will be required to do most of the heavy lifting work, quite literally.

In fact, it is almost unthinkable for a backhoe loader not to be present and put to work at a construction activity site. That is how integral this heavy earthmoving equipment is to the business.

Capable Construction Partner

Backhoe loaders or simply backhoes as they are often called, can handle any type of earthwork and adapt to any kind of terrain. The bucket and loader attachments, manoeuvrability, features and power of the backhoe loader makes it useful for excavation work, digging, trenching, as well as material lifting, loading, unloading, transporting, dozing and spreading.

Because of the variety of tasks that are performed so easily by a backhoe, it has proven its worth as a capable multipurpose earth moving machine. This versatility also translates into better ROI delivered by the machine because one piece of equipment and one operator is able to perform multiple functions, saving on time and cost. This is the reason why theversatile backhoe loader is the most used construction equipment in India.

Selecting a Good Backhoe Loader

The purchase price of a backhoe loader in India can range anywhere from rupees 18 lakhs to as much as 35 lakhs a year in India, depending upon various factors. For construction companies and contractors looking for a competent backhoe loader, it is therefore important to select one that is suited to their specific project requirements.

Size, power, features, fuel efficiency, service and spares availability are some of the criteria to consider while evaluating the price of a backhoe loader. Latest generation backhoe loaders available in India are vastly improved machines. They are feature-packed with advanced technology and are able to deliver a superior and more efficient performance. Among them is the Mahindra EarthMaster.

Mahindra EarthMaster offers a range of advanced, CEV-IV compliant backhoe loaders that are designed particularly for Indian conditions and promise best-in-class fuel efficiency with Mahindra’s proven 4-cylinder CRDi engine.

Advanced hydraulics, improved operational dynamics and hi-tech on-board diagnostic functions are available on all models of Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loaders.

What’s more, Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology allows enhanced speed, precision and efficiency of these versatile machines. It enables monitoring of fuel consumption, fuel level analysis, machine health, vehicle location tracking, service reminders, vehicle diagnostic reports and more. Because of Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology you get total control of the machine and your business, right in your hands. The real time monitoring and tracking of the vital parameters allows for timely service intervention, cost saving and improving productivity of the Mahindra EarthMaster.

Choose from the following Mahindra EarthMaster models for your business requirements:

Mahindra EarthMaster SX Smart 50 (49.2 HP)

Mahindra EarthMaster SX IV (74 HP)

Mahindra EarthMaster VX IV (74 HP)