For a Backhoe Loader (BHL), to be reliable is most imperative as it is generally the most important equipment at the job site and performs a variety of tasks like moving dirt, backfill, digging trenches, crushing, lifting, grabbing objects, small demolitions, laying pipes, asphalt breaking and paving roads. In addition, BHLs are costly too. Thus, experts list down a list of parameters on which the reliability of the BHL should be judged.

So, what all you should know to buy a BHL which is highly reliable in all sense of the terms? Fret not! We have the answer for you. For that, you need to look at the quality of few things in the BHL like hydraulic system including cylinder, valve and pump, hoses, engine, axle etc.

While many Backhoe Loaders manufacturers in the segment claim that their equipment is highly reliable but only few actually turn out to be the best. One among them is Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE). Its Mahindra EarthMaster VX backhoe model is a substantially more superior machine, with greater reliability, dramatically less maintenance, better operational kinematics and dynamics with a phenomenal fuel efficiency that saves at least a litre per hour.

A note one the reliability of Mahindra EarthMaster VX model

Here is a list of features of the equipment which make it much more reliable than its competitors...

1. Engine: Mahindra EarthMaster VX model uses the Mahindra DITEC Engine which is Euro III compliant and saves 10 per cent more. It is tried and tested over time and adheres to stringent international compliance norms. Further, it is a compact engine type but can deliver more power and achieve high torque at low RPM. It is especially designed for BHLs.

2. Axle: Leading axle manufacturing company i.e., CARRARO, Italy supplies this part to MCE to be used in its EarthMaster VX model. The axle is specially designed to enhance the loader performance. The rear axle is compact yet stable and powerful. It is rigidly mounted drive axle with outbound planetary final drives, driven by short drive shaft. On the other hand, the front axle is centrally pivoted, non-driven unbalanced type axle, with total oscillation of 16°, with remote greasing facility for the main pin. The high wheel base of the axle ensures effective working of the machine even in rough and uneven terrains. Low height of the axle ensures working in forest areas, industrial units and select tunneling applications. Further, higher operating weight relates to stability, higher forces, better dozing, easy pile penetration and better working in hard strata without any increase in fuel consumption. This is clubbed with excellent power to weight ratio.

3. Transmission: The transmission system supplied to MCE by CARRARO, Italy is specially designed to enhance loader arm performance. With timely servicing, transmission life can be extended up to 12000 to 15000 hours without any overhaul even in loading conditions.

4. Hydraulic system: The Mahindra EarthMaster VX backhoe hydraulic system is the most modern hydraulic technology with aggregates supplied by the world’s best companies. Wipro, which is the largest independent hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in the world, supplies the cylinder to Mahindra. HUSCO International is the supplier of valves and Parker supplies the hydraulic pump. The equipment incorporates fixed displacement gear pump with the pump capacity of 115 LPM @ 2350 RPM and system pressure of 250 Bars.

5. Paint: MCE employs robust systems and check points built into the painting process to ensure life and reliability of painting. It uses high build Epoxy primer for excellent corrosion resistance. Parts are subjected to the Salt Test of over 1500 hours to check impact of corrosive forces. High performance Poly Urethane top coat is done to ensure durability and wear/abrasion resistance. Defelsko PosiTest is the checker used to check primer and top coat thickness. Further, Mahindra is the only player to paint CAB with CED which gives car like finish.

6. Electrical components: Mahindra EarthMaster VX uses electrical components from best of the Indian and international companies. These electrical components are subjected to stringent test processes like Dust and Oven Test. The electrical connectors are water and dust proof. Further, all switches are CE-marked.

7. The cab shell structure: This structure of Mahindra EarthMaster VX is modular in design with better strength. Its aesthetic surfaces are free from welding. It allows for better heat dissipation due to a corrugated design.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the other features which ensure reliability of Mahindra EarthMaster VX model is its braking mechanism. The service brakes of the equipment are hydraulically actuated, self-adjusting, maintenance free, oil-immersed multi-disc on the rear axle, operated by independent foot pedals and joined together for normal operation. On the other hand, the parking brakes are hand-operated, inbuilt in the rear axle, disc type and require low maintenance.

In a nutshell

Equipped with superior technologies like REMOTECARE, DITEC Engine, joystick, 2-way speaker system and Banana Boom design coupled with unmatched fuel economy, superior style, operator comfort, low maintenance cost and ergonomic layout and seating, the Mahindra EarthMaster VX backhoe offer a host of benefits to the earthmover. Versatility, ergonomics, performance, fuel economy, durability and above all reliability is what defines this equipment model from MCE.