The rental Construction Equipment (CE) market is growing rapidly in India. However, the industry is very small, highly unorganised, fragmented and mostly dominated by small and regional rental companies when compared to the developed nations of the world. Also, the rental penetration in India presents a grim picture and is pegged at around 7 to 8 per cent as compared to the global standards of 50 to 80 per cent. However, owing to the increasing infrastructure demand, the rental equipment sector is expected to show strong growth, possibly higher than 30 per cent annually over the mid- term. Further with the customers seeing value proposition of rental equipment, the industry is bound to grow in near future.

Taking a cue from these facts, several CE manufacturers in India have already started rental services in the country. As of now, the key equipment in the rental fleet in India are Backhoe Loaders (BHLs), excavators etc., and the prominent companies that are renting construction equipment like BHLs include Mahindra Cosntruction Equipment (MCE) and few more.

MCE started with equipment rental services in the year 2014 and has not looked back since then. It offers this service through Hello Machine portal. So, if you wish to rent a BHL or any other CE, MCE is the place to be.

5 reasons to rent CE from MCE

When it comes to renting CE, the unique propositions offered by MCE include…

1. Leads to conservation of capital: It goes without saying that buying CE requires huge capital investment. However, the funds required to rent the CE is much less than buying the equipment, thus, it has much less impact on the bottom line and the capital can be used for other potentially more profitable ventures. This is the same reason that renting CE from MCE can be beneficial as the company provides them at highly affordable rates.

2. Enables huge savings:

a. Savings on manpower and administrative cost as there is no need for mechanics or staff which is provided by the company. Renting CE like BHLs from MCE offers an advantage over ownership in terms of the amount of support and assistance provided by the equipment rental staff of the company. MCE readily offers trained, competent and experienced manpower resources with the equipment.

b. Savings on storage/warehousing cost as the equipment can be returned after the work is done. Generally, storage of equipment while not in use is a huge issue. This storage problem and cost associated with it can also be resolved if the CE is taken on rent from MCE and returned when the job is done.

3. No worries for repair and maintenance cost: CE like BHLs generally require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to continue safely operating at their peak levels. Renting the BHL can address this issue as if businesses opt for rented backhoes, then they might not worry about the expensive breakdowns. When a company rents CE, it is the rental company that handles these maintenance needs. This frees up a considerable amount of time, labour and cost required for maintenance. Much to the customer’s delight, MCE provides robust and maintained equipment and onsite repairs and maintenance to reduce machine downtime and production loss at customer site, thereby, eliminating the need for repair workshops, spare parts and inventory. In fact, MCE gives 24*7 service support and this reduces the down time drastically.

4. Puts an end to depreciation or obsolescence woes: With new technologies constantly outdating the old machines, the old equipment can become obsolete and its value may also depreciate very fast. Hence, opting for equipment on rent can solve this problem. If you rent equipment from MCE, then you can be assured of employing new, updated and technologically advance equipment on work.

5. Eases equipment tracking: The BHLs from MCE come equipped with highly advanced IT-enabled systems like REMOTECARE, which greatly eases equipment tracking. Essentially, REMOTECARE is an intelligent communication system that keeps the business owner or fleet manager constantly informed about the machine through mobile phone-based SMS updates. So, through REMOTECARE in MCE’s BHLs, you can get complete control of the equipment by knowing its exact location, hours of usage, fuel consumption, daily work reports etc.

Apart from this, the other benefits of renting CE from MCE include…

a. Highly fuel efficient equipment

b. Training of operator level personnel for various industries

c. Advice from the company on equipment suitability based on applications

d. Bid support to various construction companies/contractors for tendering purposes

e. Capability of the equipment to cater to the various demands of the infrastructure segment

Thus, by renting equipment from MCE, all the advantages of the investments can be realised without the burden of ownership. So, MCE can definitely be your one-stop-shop destination for all your renting requirements.