The Indian government is all set to spend billions of dollars in upgrading its infrastructure with a huge chunk of it being road construction across the length and breadth of the country. Proposals ad tenders for construction of National highways and local roads have been passed on the fast track. Many old projects that have been on hold for years have been restarted to push development of world class infrastructure. The government has been working with private players both nationally and internationally to bring the road density across the nation at global standard. While initiatives have been put in place, it is the road construction equipments that will be working round the clock to make these plans a solid reality.

Here is a brief look at the most popular machines use for road construction.

1. Excavators: Depending on the size of the project various excavators are used to take care of all the deign work on the job site. Huge excavators are use for highway and flyover projects while the smaller road construction jobs can manage with backhoe loaders and mini excavators to do the job. Excavators are useful for digging up the land, breaking asphalt, levelling the area, moving the dug debris from one place to another and taking care of certain lifting jobs to. Excavators on a general note are a must have for all sorts of road construction jobs.

2. Motor Graders: These machines are typically used in construction and maintenance of dirt and gravel roads. When constructing saved roads the graders are used to create an even flat surface to lay the asphalt on. they are also use dot set native soil foundation pads to finish grades prior to construction. These days various types and sizes of motor graders are available and used for various road construction jobs.

3. Road Roller: The road roller is basically a compactor use dot compact soil, gravel and asphalt during construction of roads. For larger highways four wheel compactors with a pad foot drum and a blade are likely to be used while the regional roads may see use of a single pad foot drum machine. Road rollers are also used for compacting the land before the asphalt can be laid after the graders have done their work. The rollers are used to press the asphalt in place and bind the various layers of the road together.

4. Asphalt mixing plants: These can vary in size depending on the size of the road construction job in question. These machines are used to manufacture road stone like asphalt, cement and other coated road stones used to make the top layer of the roads both regional and national. The plant is used to create a mixture of cement, stone, soil, minerals, fills etc as per the requirements of the road. Additionally the plant helps keep the mixture hot for use. These are just some of the basic equipments used for road construction which are to play a vital role in turning the India 2020 dream into a reality.