Manufacturing sector in the country is growing at a very fast pace as compared to any other sector. Further, given the ‘Make in India’ campaign that aims to place India on the world map as a manufacturing hub and give global recognition to the Indian economy, India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by the end of year 2020. This massive manufacturing sector development in the country is expected to directly result into the growth of the infrastructure and construction machinery market which will see increased demand for modern, intelligent and automated equipment and new technologies.

That said, in order to stay ahead in the competitive market scenario, it would make sense for the consumers to leverage on the latest technological advancements and employ the best of equipment. For that, it is necessary that manufacturing trends that will dominate 2019 are understood in detail. Here is a look at these trends...

1. Internet-of-Things (IoT) will play a major role:

IoT would have a bigger role in 2019 and manufacturers will increasingly leverage on IoT which involves interconnection of unique devices within an existing internet infrastructure to achieve various goals including increased efficiency, improved safety and product innovation among other things. That said, in times to come, with more significance given to predictive analytics and increased communication between machines resulting in less human intervention, IoT will only make the equipment more intelligent and lure more consumers towards it. This simply means that equipment which would use the principles of IoT well would be more in demand by the consumers.

2. Predictive maintenance would become the need of hour:

Breakdown of critical equipment and their subsequent repair is always costly for the manufacturers in terms of downtime and loss of productivity. Thus, ensuring that all the equipment are working properly remains the key priority of consumers and this is expected to increase the need for predictive maintenance in 2019. By reducing the maintenance and repair charges and enabling the equipment to self-detect the need for repairs, predictive maintenance technologies will surely gain prominence. Further, this ability of the equipment to predict when maintenance should be performed can save consumers valuable time, money and resources to a very large extent. Thus, heavy equipment like Mahindra Construction Equipment’s RoadMaster G75 and RoadMaster G90 that come with GPRS-based remote monitoring system dogosense that keeps a track of the machine with the touch of a finger, will see increased sales. Here, it needs to be mentioned that even the Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader that comes with the revolutionary REMOTECARE feature that allows owners to get complete control over the equipment, will also be picked up more and more by the manufacturers. Essentially, REMOTECARE is an intelligent communication system through which owners can know what’s happening with their equipment for the whole day, receive information on diesel level, engine oil pressure, transmission oil pressure, coolant temperate, air filter clogging, hydraulic oil filter clogging, battery charge statues etc., and other advance warning on their registered mobile numbers.

3. Demand for environment-friendly and fuel-efficient equipment would increase:

The year 2019 would also see increased usage of green equipment which emit far lesser amount of smoke and offer great fuel efficiency. Here, again MCE’s two of the most popular equipment i.e., RoadMaster motor graders and EarthMaster backhoe loaders deserve a special mention as the two machines are highly fuel-efficient and result in 10 per cent more savings.

4. Better systems for streamlining manufacturing processes would be needed:

In the year 2019, another trend will emerge and buyers, be it small or large, would demand for better and affordable integrated software solutions to increase efficiency and manage the projects easily. This is because the manufacturers would realise that such systems can easily streamline various processes by automating all business operations and providing accurate and real-time information. Thus, more and more consumers would want better systems and software in the year 2019 that can prevent unnecessary disruptions and delays.

Apart from the above, various other trends such as use of robotics, Big Data and business intelligence for improving production, optimising operations and addressing issues before problem arises among others will also surface in 2019.

In a nutshell

As per a report released by the Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association, “The Indian construction industry is expected to grow to $5 billion by 2019-2020.” That said, in order to stay ahead of the competition, construction industry would have to increasingly invest in the right technology and equipment and to help them in doing so, construction and infrastructure equipment manufacturing companies will be required to come to the fore and produce equipment that can help the construction industry achieve the maximum production efficiency. Thus, definitely, the construction industry in the country would see exciting trends and times ahead in 2019