Digging, trenching, lifting, placement, landscaping, demolition, brush cutting are just some of the tasks an excavator can easily take care off with the right attachment. Usually used on industrial and commercial sites the excavator with its boom and chassis rotating a full 360 degrees as a single unit makes it a must on most job sites. Weighing anywhere between 1500 to 90,000 kgs the machine can take care of many medium to heavy duty workload jobs on a site. Breaker, grapple, auger, quick coupler etc are just some of the attachments that help make the excavator versatile enough to be used for a variety of digging methods across job sites.

Weighing around 8000 kgs on a general note, the backhoe loader are perfect for farming and industrial sites and can handle light to medium duty work. Backhoe’s are relatively smaller than the excavators and have a restricted 200 degree rotation on the left and right sides. However, the backhoe loader is a versatile piece of equipment given the multiple jobs like carrying heavy tools, digging deep and shallow holes, digging trenches of various sizes etc that it can execute with ease and speed.

Both the excavator and the backhoe are both aces at what they do however the mini excavator makes a compelling case too. Here are the reasons why the mini excavator or the compact excavator is becoming increasingly popular.

1. Size: Weighing anything between 3-4 ton these machines can work in crammed spaces where the bigger machines fail to reach. Additionally they can dig and lift things that the smaller machines can not.

2. Features : The mid- size machines these mini excavators borrow features from both the big and small class machines. Features like hydraulic quick attach, enclosed cabs with heat and air conditioning, rubber over steel tracks have come down from the bigger machine class while the backfill blade, centre pivot boom and zero tail swing design are features that have migrated up from the smaller diggers.

3. Easy on the pockets: Mini excavators are known to be very fuel efficient and help reduce the cost of the project considerably in the long haul. Additionally the ownership, repair, storage and maintenance costs are also much

4. Compact build: The compact size of the machines means that the machine can be operate in crammed spaces with less moving space. It is a lot easier using this machine at busy places like roadways, in small alleys, near houses, buildings and other infrastructure etc. The machine works well in places where its bigger counter parts cannot work well due to the size and the smaller ones due to lack of power.

5. Versatility: The mini excavator provides various attachment options making the machine more versatile. Given the fact that this machine pumps more hydraulic fluid per minute, the machine can operate with a number of attachments, especially larger buckets thereby improving cycle time and over all productivity.

6. Electronic shift: The electronics traditionally reserved for the larger machines are finding their way into the mid size machines to improve efficiency and the reduce costs.

These are just some of the reasons’s why the mini excavator is becoming increasingly popular and will increase its market share in the years to come. However, one must consider their requirements and then decide if the mini excavator is the machine for them.